You can travel around the world by teaching English and here’s how!

Date: August 19, 2021

Ever dreamt of living and working abroad, making meaningful connections, and experiencing different cultures? The demand for ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers has soared all around the world due to globalization. You can travel and work anywhere by earning an ESL teaching certificate. This could be your breakthrough from your boring 9-to-5; a golden ticket to a new chapter full of exciting adventures. Get started by checking out the options below!

What is ESL?

The acronym ‘ESL’ stands for English as a Second Language. Consequently, teaching ESL means teaching english as a second language. While there are plenty of jobs as an ESL teacher in the United States, many people explore this opportunity for the ability to travel the world while working.

Here are 10 other reasons being an ESL teacher may interest you!

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teaching ESL!

A quick check on recent statistics reveals that the number of students in public schools in the US speaking English as their second language is on the rise[i]. That said, if you are interested in studying ESL as a career, you should complete a degree program in ESL or at the graduate level for additional certification. There are plenty of opportunities around the world to teach english. Here are just a few of the reasons to get started:

1) Global job market – with more than one billion students enrolling in English classes worldwide, the demand for ESL teachers is extremely vast.

2) Make more money – besides job opportunities, teaching ESL abroad is a gateway to earning a lot of money. However, this depends on the country that you choose (see our list of top-earning countries below).

3) Earn income as you travel – unlike going for studies abroad for a few semesters, being an ESL teacher provides the benefits of living, working, and traveling. Fortunately, most countries that require ESL teachers provide these benefits to successful applicants.

4) Earn international work experience – nothing is more beneficial in the employment world than earning international work experience. Working in international areas also enables you to overcome new challenges, interact with new people, and adapt to new environments.

5) Learn foreign languages – you can easily learn Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages as you teach English.

6) Make new friends – being a teacher doesn’t mean that you should be isolated. Spare some time and socialize with the natives of the country.

7) Experience a different culture – flying abroad for work provides an opportunity for ESL teachers to learn new cultures. For instance, the holidays in South Korea and Korean foods are very different from those of any other country in the world.

8) Discover your interests and passion – in most situations, you need to get out of your comfort zone to discover your passion. Teaching ESL in foreign countries can provide such opportunities.

9) Make a difference in other people’s lives – while this could be a source of income to you, teaching provides an incomparable way of making a difference in the life of others.

10) Key to other careers – teaching ESL in foreign countries can open doors to careers in international affairs and diplomacy. Most countries recruit ESL teachers due to their international working experience.

Countries that Pay the Most to Teach ESL

If you are a certified ESL teacher, you can explore thousands of job opportunities globally. Some of the countries that pay ESL teachers very well include;

1) China
Being arguably the fastest growing economy, China is another amazing place for ESL teachers. ESL teachers can make up to $5000 monthly and several other benefits, including free reimbursed airfare, free housing, and several other allowances. You also get a chance to explore various destinations in the country.

2) Japan
ESL graduates looking for a combination of perfect pay, rich culture, history, and natural beauty can also opt for Japan. Similar to China, you can make as much as $5000 a good month. Japan also encourages remote hiring, which implies that you will already have a job before leaving your home country.

3) South Korea
South Korea’s economy makes it one of the best destinations for those with ESL qualifications. English teachers can make an average of $2500 per month besides enjoying other benefits, such as a free furnished house, reimbursed airfare, and other stipends.

4) U.A.E
In Dubai, the average pay for ESL teachers at a language school in the UAE is around 12,300-20,400 AED per month ($3,300-$5,500) and you can make up to 300k a year depending on your qualifications and the institution that you work for.
Additional benefits can include housing allowances, while flights and bonuses will vary based on the school.

ESL Certificate & Programs Online

Such reasons will certainly prompt your desire to study and work as an ESL teacher. If you are interested, consider the following online study options;

1) Arizona State University
The institution offers an online 30-credit graduate program that culminates in a Master of Arts in English as a Second Language. Students go through a thorough curriculum that imparts them with an unbeatable experience[ii].

2) California University of Pennsylvania
CALU also offers online English classes in the Masters of Education program. This leads to add-on endorsement in the state of Pennsylvania. The 33-credit course can be completed completely online in five consecutive semesters[iii].

3) Western Governors University
The Western Governors’ University ESL program allows high school teachers and certified elementary teachers to enroll for ESL online. Unlike other institutions, the school has an exceptional three-credit practicum that takes less than 2 years to complete[iv].


While you can get ESL degrees through conventional schools, studying online has several benefits, especially for those enrolling for graduate levels. Therefore, ensure that your institution of choice provides for online studies before submitting your application.


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