Treating Sleep Apnea: Options to CPAP Machines

Date: August 20, 2021

Sleep apnea is a standard and critical situation. 25 % of males and 10 % of girls have sleep apnea, and this well being situation can have an effect on folks of all ages. Nonetheless, when you’ve been identified with sleep apnea, the commonest remedy choice is utilizing a CPAP machine when you sleep. However what if this remedy choice isn’t one which works for you? What if it’s extra disruptive to your sleep? You possibly can search on-line to find remedy options to the CPAP machine.

Although the CPAP machine works effectively for a lot of sleep apnea victims, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for everybody. Typically, you want a CPAP machine along with different remedy choices; it varies from particular person to particular person. In case you’re on the lookout for remedy options, search on-line to seek out extra choices. 

The next are a few of the commonest options to utilizing a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.

Dwelling Treatments

In some instances, house cures – or life-style modifications – could possibly assist with sleep apnea. These remedy choices don’t require medical intervention, and they are often comparatively straightforward to observe and implement by yourself. 


Common train is a good suggestion for completely everybody. Nonetheless, it may be notably vital for these with sleep apnea. That’s as a result of getting common train will increase your power stage, improves your respiratory energy, will get oxygen flowing, and might even enhance sleep apnea.

When you have got sleep apnea, there’s decreased oxygen saturation in your blood. Yoga particularly may also help with this, because it’s a type of train that makes use of respiratory workout routines. Working towards yoga could finally assist cut back the variety of instances you’re interrupted whereas sleeping.

Change Your Sleeping Place

It’s true: one thing as easy and small as altering the way in which you sleep could possibly cut back sleep apnea signs. You possibly can get a greater evening’s sleep in case you sleep in your facet as a substitute of your again.

Based on a 2006 analysis research, greater than half of obstructive sleep apnea instances are literally depending on sleeping place. When research individuals started sleeping on their sides as a substitute of their backs, it helped their respiratory return to regular.

Use a Humidifier

Humidifiers could be a helpful addition to the bed room in case you’re dwelling with sleep apnea. Dry air may cause irritation all through the physique, notably within the respiratory system. A humidifier provides moisture to the air, relieving dryness.

So, once you use a humidifier, the added moisture could possibly open your airways, reduce congestion, and enable you to breathe extra simply.

Cease Smoking and Consuming Alcohol

Smoking and consuming alcohol are two very unhealthy habits. You possibly can enhance your well being and well-being by quitting each – particularly when you've got sleep apnea.

Alcohol relaxes the muscle tissue in your throat that management your respiratory. So, once you drink, you possibly can expertise elevated loud night breathing and extra interruptions whereas sleeping. You can even wind up with irritation within the airways, which may wind up blocking airflow.

Smoking has comparable harmful results. Tobacco could make the airways swollen and infected, which ends up in elevated loud night breathing and extra sleep apnea points. In 2012, a analysis research even recognized smoking as a threat issue for sleep apnea – that means you will have even developed sleep apnea since you smoke.

Regardless of which house cures you attempt, make sure that to run them by a health care provider first to verify they’re protected for you. You possibly can search on-line to seek out docs who concentrate on sleep apnea and its remedy choices.

Mouth Gadgets

One other various to a CPAP machine is the usage of mouth gadgets. These gadgets, that are known as mandibular advancing gadgets (MADs), are oral equipment that look a bit like sports activities mouth guards and loud night breathing mouthpieces.

MADs are designed by sleep apnea dentists. The gadgets are used to maneuver the jaw ahead, opening the airway so you possibly can sleep comfortably and with out interruptions. Made out plastic or silicone, these gadgets are sometimes a easy and reasonably priced choice.

Simply make sure that to speak with a dentist or physician earlier than getting a MAD. These gadgets can have an effect on your tooth and your temporomandibular joint, which may trigger sudden negative effects. You possibly can search on-line to seek out docs and sleep apnea dentists in your space with the precise experience.

Surgical procedure

One other remedy choice is surgical procedure. There are a variety of various surgical procedures that could possibly cut back or fully get rid of your sleep apnea.

Surgical procedure sometimes targets the taste bud or components of the respiratory passes, just like the tongue. The aim is to focus on any obstruction or blockages that trigger you to cease respiratory when you’re sleeping. 

The next are a few of the surgical procedures which can be sometimes carried out on these with sleep apnea:

  • Taste bud procedures
  • Hypopharyngeal procedures
  • Jaw development surgical procedure
  • Hypoglossal nerve stimulation
  • Pillar process

Ask your physician if any of those surgical procedures could possibly remedy your downside and get rid of your sleep apnea altogether. 

Discover a Sleep Apnea Remedy That Works for You

Residing with sleep apnea could be a lifelong frustration. Each evening, you’ll cope with airway blockages that interrupt your sleep. And for some folks, a CPAP machine merely isn’t the reply or the precise answer. 

Fortuitously, there are various remedy choices past a CPAP machine. You merely want to speak along with your physician, or discover a health care provider who can suggest completely different remedy choices. To seek out a health care provider in your space, search on-line. You possibly can even seek for specialists who cope with sleep apnea and its remedies on daily basis.

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