Useful Shopping Hacks For Your Next Trip To Costco

Date: August 19, 2021

Costco is the ultimate retail warehouse for  affordable prices and super-sized collection. The big-box store offers almost everything you could think of. People love this megastore for it’s massive discounts on items ranging from rotisserie chicken to engagement rings. 

Being the world’s largest membership-based warehouse club operator and fourth-largest retailer, it is an invaluable resource for every age group. Yes, finding the right deal might be overwhelming at times but these 25 hacks will help make you the ultimate Costco shopper! 

1) You Can Get In Without A Membership

It is not necessary to be a member to enter the premises. There are often restaurants and other retailers that anyone can purchase from, with or without a Costco membership. Shoppers are also more than welcome if they have a Costco gift card. 

2) It’s Not The End Of The World If You Miss A Sale

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like frequenting Costco without the potential of a massive sale, then don’t worry. Costco often has amazing prices anyway, and will often be able to match the prices you would find at other large retailers. 

3) Learn The Layout

You can’t expect every Costco to be the same place, even for your frequent visits. They change the arrangement for item placement every day, but you can still save time by knowing some general rules. For example, household goods and food aisles are always on opposite sides of the store.

Things like books, gift cards, snacks and clothing are usually placed in the middle section of the store. In the backside, you can find bakery items and products of that nature. If you master this information you can make your visit successful every time.

4) Tuesday And Wednesday Mornings Are The Best Time To Shop

A busy Costco always seems like a horrible place to visit, and many people avoid going there just because it’s so busy. It’s not always like that. If you manage to go on Tuesday or Wednesday morning you can enjoy the shopping and maybe find some good deals. 

The busiest times for shopping are weekends and right before holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

5) Look For An Asterisk On The Price Tags

If you are out for seasonal shopping then see the little Asterisk sign on the upper right corner of the price tag. It means the Costco store won’t be restocked for that specific item for some time. It is the Costco way to tell you if you want that item then  buy it now.

These little asterisks signs are usually found on seasonal items that won’t be back for a while.

6) The Gift Card Section Is A Hidden Gem

Don’t forget to check out the gift card section next time when you shop at Costco. Experts say the gift card deals are incredible. You can receive your 20% off or another gift like 2-for-1 movie passes or maybe visit your favourite restaurant. If you find these hidden corners go ahead and buy some because who knows… you may find the perfect holiday gift!

7) Fill Up At The Costco Gas Bar Before Shopping

For long-run benefits, Costco gas bars are worth a try. Those long lines for waits are daunting, but the results are special. Make sure to fill up before you go through shopping, as long waiting lines can melt the frozen items in your trunk.

8) Yes, You Can Take More Than One Sample

There is no written rule about sample testing especially if it regards cheesecake. Parents usually make it a one-piece rule for items like crackers, cheesecake, or something like that. If you keep your pride aside you can ask for more and eat as many samples as you want. 

9) The Better Deals Are Down The Aisles

The items placed at the front usually get more attention than in aisles, they naturally seem more appealing but they’re just there to get more sales. The good deals are normally found in the aisles.

Searching and patience is always the key to finding the best bargains.

10) Don’t Bother Buying Brand Name Household Products

When it comes to Costco, Brand names always bring incredible deals for household products, but the Kirkland discount brand is just as good as other brands if not better. People claim that the Kirkland toilet paper has better quality than a brand with half the price.

11) Why They Check Your Receipt When You Leave

The reason for checking your cart before you exist isn’t always about theft, it’s that Costco also wants to make sure that customers are not over or undercharged. Surprisingly, a former employee shared his 12 years of experience on Quora, which shows that ‘checking receipts prevents theft at the door a total of zero times while checking receipts for a discrepancy on the receipt works about two times an hour.”

12) They Move Items For A “Treasure Hunt”

You may find it confusing that things you want to buy have moved. The benefit to this from Costco’s point of view is that the more time you spent hunting for treasured items, the more likely you will find other great deals as well! 

13) Never Buy Soda From Costco

Stocking up on soda on your next trip to Costco might not be a wise money move. Supermarkets frequently have excellent deals on soda, especially during the summer months. If you have a coupon, you might be able to save even more on your fizzy drinks. But overall these drinks are a bit more costly at Costco than a normal grocery store.

14) Ask The Roadshows How Long They’ll Be There

Costco roadshows are the perfect opportunity to find and see first-hand products and their use. These roadshows stay for different time periods in Costco. The companies also give you tips and tricks for using their products. These roadshows can last from a month to only 2 weeks.

Find the next date the brand will have an in-store booth set up and stop by to speak with company reps to get a great price.

15) Costco Hot Dogs Are So Cheap That They Attract Customers

If you are thinking of making a trip to Costco you should know about super cheap jumbo hot dogs. It will only cost you 1.50$ but this deal can be more appealing if you are shopping with kids. This alone might justify your annual membership fees.

16) Don’t Even Think About Stealing

You might have heard stories of people stealing at megastores. It may seem funny but the consequences are often awful. 

Costco has their tricks for security. They employ security officers that you may not observe. Just like other people shopping around they wander around in civil clothing keeping an eye on customers. 

17) You Can Fill Your Prescription Without A Membership

Just because you don’t have a membership doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the cheap generic medicine found in each Costco. Costco offers the cheapest prices on over the counter drugs compared to most other big box stores. The good part of the deal is that you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of the prices. Feel free to drop in any time.

18) Dry Goods And Frozen Foods Are The Best Deals

Costo’s vast freezer and refrigerator section offer some good deals. You can find them easily and of course, save them for a long time. Avoid buying perishable food that will spoil before you can eat. That’s not great value.

19) Decode The Price Tags

At Costco, most regular-priced items end with .99. According to some Costco hack sites, the price tags tell more than what you can see. If you see one ending in .97, the item has been marked down after possibly not selling well or because it was a seasonal item.

If you see an item with a price tag that ends in .88 or .00, these are usually items that have been returned but are still sellable. They can also be the last few of their kind in the inventory. 

20) You Don’t Need A Membership To Buy Alcohol There In Some States

Alcohol is one of the few things that you can buy at Costco without membership. Costco Liquor shops generally have separate, unmanned entrances, making it easy to breeze in without passing through the main warehouse. Like other Costco products, its value is in bulk buys. Thus Costco Liquor is a great place to stock up before you host a party.

The states mentioned in these forums include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Vermont. However, you’ll definitely want to contact your local Costco before making the trip.

 21) Try Shopping Online

Nothing feels easier than ordering online especially when you want to avoid the hassle of the crowds. At Costco, you don’t need a membership card to use this service.

22) Costco Rotisserie Chicken Is Best Served Hot

Costco’s rotisserie chicken is pretty darn good. You might hear a bell while shopping around at Costco. This sound signals that the time has come to get the freshest rotisserie chicken possible. 

23) Find Some Of The Strangest Items

While one can get every imaginable thing at Costco, some stuff may sound hilarious. You may find these weird things more easily online. You can get these things shipped all across America including funeral cascades, emergency-food kits, or even coupons for local car dealerships.

Just visit Costco’s website and watch out. 

24) Strangest Things Captured At Costco

Costco is full of interesting characters. It seems like in this magical place the regular laws of society don’t necessarily apply. Here, we showcase our favourite bizarre scenes and moments captured at Costco.

Don’t leave your kids playing around as it can lead to horrific results sometimes. You may also tend to see some pretty strange stuff in the land of gargantuan items and rotisserie chicken.

25) A 20-Year-Old’s Dream Come True

It’s overwhelming how much stock Costco has in their alcohol section. You can buy as much as you want with great deals and benefits but only if you are above 21 years of age. 

Costco applies some rules in this section but undoubtedly buying a great bulk can save you money.

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