Sports Management - A Goldmine Full Of Opportunities!

Date: August 19, 2021

The American sports market is expected to hit 83.1 billion by 2023 — are you passionate about sports? What about becoming a … sports agent, athletic director, sports event manager, sports marketer, scout, etc.. Sports management programs deliver business concepts in marketing, finance, administration, HR, psychology in a less academically rigorous way to let students focus on gaining practical experience in sports-related industries. Ever dreamt of working with star athletes? Now it’s now your time! 

What is Sports Management?

But what exactly is sports management? It’s a vast field that encompasses every kind of behind-the-scenes role you can think of to get matches up and running. Sports managers can be events managers, facility managers, economists and promotion experts. Obviously, organization skills are paramount, as are effective communication and teamwork skills. As long as they can build these skills, they can find their niche in sports and thrive. 

That’s why online colleges for sports management are so important. Let’s take a closer look at what degrees in sports management can do for you. 

1. Impress Employers 

An online masters in sports administration, or any other qualification in the field, could give your resume the boost it needs. Since this field involves a broad range of skills, it’ll give you a unique toolset for giving employers what they want. According to the Boston Globe, ‘Employers want to hire someone who’s got it all’. That’s what an online college for sports management could give you. You’ll train in all kinds of skills, and no matter what work is available to you, you can adapt to it.

2. Open All Kinds of Doors

But of course, sports management isn’t just about fitting yourself to what’s already there. It’s about creating new opportunities for yourself, and finding places to work you’d have never thought about before. Since sports management borrows from lots of different disciplines, it’ll train you to think creatively and diversely. After an online sports management degree, you’ll be able to see the connections between disparate subjects that others might not. You’ll not only be able to find opportunities, but create opportunities for yourself. 

3. Find Your Passion

Everyone wants to do what they love. They want to know that what they’re doing is meaningful and enjoyable to them. A vast majority of workers, when polled, said that the meaning of their work mattered more to them than anything. If following a particular sports team or the achievements of an athlete is what makes you get up in the morning, sports management could be for you. A bachelor of sports management done online could let you spend your days with people who love sports as much as you do. Not only that, but being actively involved in sports rather than just watching them will let you take your hobby from passive to active. Your passion could be your job if you open your mind to the possibilities of sports management. 

4. Work With the Rich and Famous

One of the most fascinating aspects of sports is the celebrity culture around it. The best athletes become heroes, rewarded with money, fame and the admiration of their communities. Armed with an online sports management degree, you could finally get to meet your heroes. All those athletes you’ve spent your life looking up to can quickly become your coworkers, your colleagues, your friends. As a sports management professional, you could even play a direct role in shaping their careers.

5. Give Back to Your Community

One aspect of sports that makes it crucial to the world around it is how professional sports interacts with the community. Athletes and sports teams often participate in charity and community events, raising money, spending time with children and the vulnerable and putting the spotlight on important causes. Since one of the biggest duties of a sports manager is handling the promotion of athletes and their professional appearance, you can use your access to athletes for good. Promoting fitness for children, raising money for vital causes or even introducing people to their favorite athlete – all these things are possible as a sports manager. 

Getting a Sports Management Qualification

So what does someone need to do to start a career in sports management? The best route to go is to get a degree in sports management. However, not all qualifications are created equal. While getting a degree from a traditional college might be the first thing you think of, four years is a lot to commit to a single degree programme. You’re better off picking a degree that strips out the fluff and focuses on what really matters, like shorter, more convenient online programs.


Of course, when considering a career change it’s always best to do your own research. What works for one person may not work for you. But all the same, sports management is a career that offers tons of possibilities, and online colleges for sports management can get you there. 


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