How to Turn a Love for Drawing and Designing Into a Career

Date: August 19, 2021

If you love drawing and designing, you probably know how challenging it can get if that’s the only thing you do for a living. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore.You can turn your passion into a career and earn a decent living from the craft. Like any other career, an art-based profession doesn’t happen overnight. With proper dedication, hard work, and a strategy, you will get there before realizing it. Check out these actionable steps:

1. Cultivate Your Skills

You might already be a creative person with an appreciation for color, texture, line, and form. Your love for art is a starting point for creating a successful venture. Developing your art skills will require you to get out of your comfort zone. Try out these methods:

You don’t have to spend four years in an art college to sharpen your skills. You can enroll in workshops and other short courses. The tutor will introduce the basics, and then you can pick up from there.

You will get more out of your experience in school by practicing on your own. Set aside some time every day to work on the skills that you learned in class. For instance, your painting skills will stick more when you practice across various media.

  •  Attend Galleries, Shows, and Museums

Exposure to other people’s drawings will inform your art and help to make your work diverse. As you explore what other artists have done, you will gather some ideas and nurture your niche and style. Attending exhibitions is also a perfect way to relate your knowledge from school with the “real” world.

  • Get Acquainted With the Latest Software

 While art seems like something that requires pen and paper, you could also consider advanced ways of doing it. Think about incorporating technology like software into your work. You can learn these products through online tutorials or short courses. [3]

2. Set Up a Studio Space

Your creative juices flow better when you have a dedicated corner for your work. You require some quiet and customized space where you can manage multiple projects simultaneously. Here’s what to keep in mind while at it.[2]

Every artist understands that privacy isn’t underrated. If you want to focus, you need to get rid of all distractions. Let’s say you live in a big house; all you need is to find some private space outdoors or in your garage to work on your projects. If not, you may consider renting additional space.

  •  Work With As Much Light As You Can

You may have to install several lamps or bright lights to light up your studio. When using natural lighting, remove curtains because they might prevent enough light from getting into the room.

  •   Consider Indoor Air Quality

Many of the tools that artists use to draw usually generate fumes, dust, and chemicals, which might be harmful to human health. Find a studio with sufficient ventilation like windows and a large door to let in a cool breeze.


3. Discover Your Artistic Voice

Now that your technical skills are good to go, it’s time to work on your creative voice. In this context, your voice is your unique style and technique. It will reveal itself over time once you discover your passion and authentic self.[4]

  •   Make friends with artists

Remember that iron sharpens iron. Having the right influence around you will steer your goals and passion to greater heights. You will learn from your friends, and so will they. Be open to ideas, criticisms, and interpretation. 

  • Explore new ideas, methods, and subjects

Since the art world is expansive, you need to put yourself out there. Learn what you can and find out ways to integrate it into your schedule.


4. Introduce Your Skills and Talent to the World

Now, it’s time to show the world what you’ve got.

  • Prepare an Artist’s Portfolio

A portfolio showcases work samples. Make a collection of some of your best work and use it to attract more jobs. You can paste the images in uniform sizes for a presentable look. Place the mount inside a zipper case and place them in a craft store. [1]

  • Create an Online Portfolio

An online portfolio is a straightforward way of getting new clients, especially in the technological era. Take pictures of your work. You can market them on social media or artistic online platforms.

 Creating beautiful pieces that inspire the world doesn’t have to be a hobby only – you can make money out of your passion too! Although starting is challenging, an art career is rewarding and worth every minute and cent you invest. Eventually, you will grow as a person and influence the lives of other people positively.

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Source: Buzzy Usa


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