Five Apps You Need to Use When Looking for an Online Personal Trainer

Date: August 19, 2021

Unlike popular beliefs, working with a fitness coach doesn’t always mean you have to cough up loads of cash or spend your whole morning at the gym. Thanks to the availability of online training coaches, apps and programs, you can get motivated to work out from home. Not only are online personal trainers more accessible now, but they are also super affordable. Working with an online trainer also offers endless flexibility while enjoying the accountability and expertise of a trainer.


 Benefits of Working Out At Home with an Online Personal Trainer

Starting your fitness journey with a personal trainer allows you to customize your fitness program. It gives you more flexibility and better results too![2]

Unlike regular gym sessions, you can contact your online personal trainer frequently throughout the day.

Besides being more affordable than regular gym sessions, an online personal coach is accessible, whether you are on vacation, at home or work.

You have better chances of creating better workout plans because you know what to expect several days in advance.

Many personal training platforms are connected to mobile apps, making them easy to track and monitor your progress from one place.

What Exercises Can You Do At Home?

You don’t have to visit the gym to shed off those pounds, improve your cardiovascular health, tone your body, build bulk, or enhance your fitness levels. Check out these safe and effective exercises for home workouts. [1]

  • Lunges
  • Standing overhead dumbbell presses
  • Side Planks
  • Standing overhead dumbbell presses
  • Pushups
  • Glute bridge
  • Bavarian Split Squats
  • High knees

Top Five Online Personal Training Apps

So, if you are already sold on it and can’t wait to hire an online fitness coach, these apps will make the process easier. [3]

1. Future

The first step after signing up is to take a diagnostic test. What are your fitness goals? How many times a week would you like to exercise? What is your diet? The app has some analytics that it uses to pair you with a trainer to help achieve your goals.

The remote coach is directly involved in your fitness journey; they send a handcrafted training plan weekly, give you nutrition advice and track your progress. Not only do you have access videos, but you also get unlimited messaging and expertise. The program also connects to your Apple watch for convenience.

2. Trainiac

This online personal training platform helps you develop effective fitness habits by connecting you with a qualified professional for oversight and encouragement. The trainer develops daily workouts and video training. The catch here is that they consider the activities you enjoy.

You are at liberty to text or video call your coach whenever you need some guidance. With daily live group training sessions that you can join in from anywhere, you will learn a lot from this platform. It also syncs with Apple Health to give you access to activity data and your health statistics.

3. FitBit Coach

You can now get matched with an online personal trainer when you subscribe to FitBit’s premium package. Although the coach is not as personalized to your needs as other apps, the program helps you to achieve your long-term goals. Also, the expert is not a real person but is a bot.

FitBit Coach monitors your progress in real-time and gives personalized recommendations according to your activity levels. The application also provides audio coaching and advanced sleep tracking.

4. Vi Trainer

If you love running, this is the right program for you. It provides users with on-demand audio workouts to listen during distance runs and sprints. The coach records motivational content to get you to the finish line.

You can organize runs with the community and receive updates for added motivation. You may also collect rewards when you become consistent.

5. Mirror

Since Mirror introduced its training platform alongside its live classes, many people have had the chance to exercise with an online personal trainer. When you sign up, you can buy the Mirror device with a two-way camera to allow you and the trainer to communicate in real-time. That way, you feel like the coach is in the room with you. [4]

Although the equipment costs an arm and a leg, this is the closest you will get to have a real-like experience with a personal trainer. The app links up people with fitness experts based on their schedule, workout preferences, motivation style, and session length. Every session is customized to fit the user’s preferences.

Working out with an online fitness coach has a lot to offer. Since you can exercise at home, there’s no excuse for being unfit. Now that you know some of the available apps, you may want to research further and figure out what works best for you.


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