Boost Sales On Shopify - Here's How!

Date: August 19, 2021

Shopify is one of the biggest companies in the world. They specialize in assisting clients with their online stores by providing tools to make their online experience as seamless as possible. However, there are numerous tools and it can be hard to determine the best ones among them. Below are some of the best tools to optimize your Shopify experience.

1) Exchange

To buy and sell online stores, you should definitely choose Exchange. 

Exchange has a sort feature to show you stores that fit your budget, the age of the store, the business type, and the cash flow that the business will bring you every month among many more features. 

If you are not sure what kind of store to buy, luck is on your side since exchange shows you which store most clients are interested in. Most of the nitty-gritty affairs are handled already, such as the selection of the domain name and the appropriate product descriptions. All your effort can then be concentrated on marketing. Sellers will find exchange useful too. You can easily sell your successful store to other merchants!

2) Burst

We can agree that images are strong magnets for clients, especially on Shopify. To help you with that, there is Burst. Burst has a collection of images for every niche to make your business look all the more appealing.These images that are up to date with the trends can be used for your ads, 

The images on burst are free!The photos are extremely diverse. Use this to your advantage to narrow down the diversity to fit your target market. Your target market can be one or a combination of different ages, ethnicities, genders, and more. Apart from offering intense and great photos, Burst can teach you how to build your store through their case studies.If you think that is useful is cool, there is one more thing about burst that you will no doubt enjoy: If you search for an image and you do not find it, Burst will notify their team and in the next week, you will find an update on such images!

3) Kit Marketing Automation

Kit is the manager you don’t pay (it’s free) and frankly, you cannot replace the value it offers.

Kit is an automated marketing tool that can be used to create ads, send out emails, post on social media platforms and send you notifications among other tasks. With its very fine-tuned algorithms, kit can target its marketing to the people who visited your store but did not make a purchase to get them to buy from you.

A customer has bought something? Great. Kit will email them with details of their purchase to create a great rapport between your store and the client. You will receive information from Kit about your marketing progress for adjustments when the need arises.

4) Slogan Maker

There is a point where our creativity hits the wall, and let’s face it: not all of us are good with words.

This is where Slogan Maker comes into play. When you can’t pen out the first letter for your slogan, Slogan Maker can give you 10+ slogans for you to choose from.

The slogans are related to the keywords that you feed in. From the time you press enter, a series of slogans useful to your business will be generated. The slogans might motivate you too to offer the best in your business!

5) Hatchful Logo Maker

Hatchful Logo Maker does the designing of logos at a professional level. The logos range from prebuilt designs to the ones that you make yourself with a ton of fonts, colors, styles, and endless others. If you want to check out premium logos for a few dollars, you can get access to logos from a wide range of niches— whatever niche you are in, you will definitely get a logo in it.

There are a few basic steps to creating a logo with Hatchful Logo Maker:

– Enter the business name

– Enter the business slogan

– Choose the appropriate place where you will be using the logo

6) Oberlo

Dropshipping happens to be new in the e-commerce business world. It involves a seller selling directly from a manufacturer to a client. How is this related to Oberlo? I’ll show you.

Oberlo assists you to find products to sell.

Among the millions of items in a database that are for sale, Oberlo helps you extract them, make a sale, and process the orders. Those who have done it manually can inform you how exhausting it is to do it by yourself and the relief they got after discovering Oberlo. It even becomes easy to get your product inventory and price list auto-updated in unison with the changes that your supplier is making. The images and product descriptions can be adjusted to suit your branding.Oberlo allows you to adjust prices for people who want faster shipping of the products they bought through shipping with ePacket.

7) Image Resizer

Not all images were made equal, but they have to be made equal to appeal to the eyes of your clients. A page that has a lot of uniformity has a level of attractiveness that clients enjoy. This uniformity of your product collection is the priority of Image Resizer.

Among the three sizes of the square shapes offered by Image Resizer, you can choose one which will be the standard size for your collection. These sizes should be chosen based on your needs.

If you’d like your site to load faster, the compact size is your to go to. Suppose your focus is on the details of the image, a large size is excellent for you. Image Resizer allows you to upload up to 6 images at once therefore saving you loads of time!

8) Business name generator

Finding the right business name is challenging.  Business Name Generator aids you with getting just the perfect name for your store.

Keywords are what you need to start this process. Enter keywords in the search box and a suggestion full of AMAZING business name will appear. Before you transit outside this Shopify tool, allow me to convince you some more. When you get a business name in Shopify and purchase it as your domain name, it will be very easy to set it up within Shopify.  Here is the best part: If you are annually billed by Shopify, you have a chance to retain your domain name for FREE!

9) Referral Candy

We cannot ignore the power of referrals in any business—especially online businesses. ReferralCandy is a great tool for referrals. It is easy to set up and has awesome customer support.

ReferralCandy will assist you in choosing the type of incentives and rewards might be coupon codes, cash rewards, or unique gifts. All these incentives are issued out automatically. ReferralCandy offers high flexibility through customization and branding.

10) Finance Calculator

Expenses come in various forms like advertisements. There is a great tool called Gross Profit Margin Calculator. The relevance of it is instructing you on what your retail price should be and your estimated profit margin if you give it the appropriate cost of your product and your markup percentage.


The tools above are, no doubt, helpful.However, it would be wise to dig deeper to get more information and understand their usage better.This list is not conclusive. There are other impeccable tools that you can use to boost your Shopify business growth.I’d advise you to do your due diligence and go through them.


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