Were you born before 1981? There is still time to get a new policy (and could save you thousands)

Date: July 17, 2021

It's never too late (or too early) to think about buying a life insurance policy or expanding your current coverage, whether you're just starting a family, sending kids off to college, planning for retirement, or already in your golden years.

Surprisingly, many people still do not have life insurance plans in place to safeguard their families in the event of a tragedy. It's frightening to think about life insurance, but it's necessary for everyone who wants to ensure a high education for their children and protect their loved ones from inheriting large debts.

Life insurance is either too expensive or difficult to obtain, according to a frequent belief among those over 50. However, finding a low-cost senior life insurance coverage if you're over 50, 60, or even later in life is easier than you might expect.

The most important thing, regardless of your age, is to select the finest solutions for your financial condition and stage of life.

This is when National Family Assurance comes in.

National Family Assurance is a direct-to-consumer health and financial wellbeing firm. National Family Assurance, as an online insurance marketplace, analyses its clients' needs and coverage based on a range of parameters.

In less than a minute, you can get affordable life insurance rates with National Family's free online service. Find out if you could safeguard your family for as little as $15 per month with a $50,000 insurance. In just a few clicks, our simple tool evaluates thousands of different options to help you choose the best coverage.

Customers will be connected with reputable insurance providers and provided coverage plans that match their particular needs after completing Assurance's short questionnaire.

Affiliates of the National Family include, but are not limited to:

AIG Direct Liberty Mutual of Omaha Mutual\sNationwide

State Farm Allstate New York Life

What is the Procedure for Submitting an NFA Application?

National Family Assurance follows a simple and user-friendly procedure. The questions are simple and straightforward, asking about height, age, cigarette use, and general location.

After completing the questionnaire, you'll be given a recommendation for an insurer, as well as information on how much you should spend and a monthly cost estimate.

It's crucial to understand that looking for quotes is not the same as applying. National Family Assurance is intended to offer prospective policyholders an idea of how much they can anticipate to pay. An application necessitates a more comprehensive – and slightly longer – procedure. The documentation can also be completed totally online in this case.

Here's how it's done:

1st step: To get a free quote, click here or enter your age in the box below.

Step 2: After answering a few questions (it only takes a minute), National Family will show you with options and rates you never imagined.

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