Tone and Strengthen with Stability Ball Exercises

Date: July 17, 2021

Incorporating stability ball exercises into a training regimen is a terrific way to spice things up by adding some excitement to an otherwise mundane or dull practise (as well as a little harder). When you use a stability ball, it encourages your core to engage and work harder, resulting in better and faster results. They can also be used for stretching or sitting, such as at a desk.

Before you begin, make sure you have a good-quality stability ball. This piece of equipment is readily available in most retailers at a reasonable price.

Let's get started with my top 18 simple stability ball exercises that you can do at home or at the gym for a wonderful full-body workout!

Squats against the wall

You'll need the stability ball and a stable wall to lean on to do this exercise. Place the stability ball against the wall at weight height to begin. Lean in close to it and do a basic.

Try adding weights to this workout to make it more tough.


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Recent Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the best toning workouts, despite the fact that few people enjoy them. Plus, because they don't require any equipment, they can be done anywhere, at any time. They're also extremely adaptable, meaning they can be done with or without a stability ball!

Roll over the stability ball until your hands are level on the ground beneath your shoulders and the ball is supporting your feet. Complete a push-up and repeat for as many repetitions as desired.

Curls of the biceps

Bicep curls are a terrific exercise for toning arms, and they're something that a lot of people want to do. Because all you have to do is complete a bicep curl while sitting on the stability ball, this is by far one of the easiest workouts on the list.

While this may appear to be a simple exercise that can be done standing, the stability ball serves to activate the core while the weights tone the arms. It's double the fun!

Curls of the Hamstrings

Similar to bicep curls, but this time with a lower body focus! By reclining on your back and putting your feet up on the ball, you can strengthen your hamstrings. Lift your buttocks off the ground and curl the ball towards you with your hamstrings once you're in place.

Lunges with the Back Foot Elevated

To strengthen the lower body, nothing beats a good old-fashioned lunge! Try it with a stability ball to make sure the core is engaged as well. This will put your equilibrium to the test.

Place one foot on the stability ball behind you. Perform a forward lunge after making sure your core is engaged.

Extensions of the lower back

Roll onto the ball till your upper body is hanging off the end to get a good toned lower back. Make sure your toes are pointed down and your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Slowly contract the muscles in your lower back and elevate your chest into the air.

Thrusts on the hips

This exercise is meant to target the glutes, and it may sound like a dancing move. To begin, sit on the ball and slowly roll backwards, only supporting the upper shoulders and head.

Make sure your feet are roughly shoulder width apart and firmly planted on the ground. Once you've found a comfortable position, raise your hips into the air and slowly drop them back down. Rep this exercise for as many reps as you like.

Rollouts of the Core

When it comes to working out, the core is a popular target. It's a common desire for most people to tone and strengthen this area. This will provide numerous benefits, including improved posture, stability, and injury prevention.

Begin by kneeling on the ground and performing a core rollout with a stability ball. Roll forwards with your hands on the stability ball, bracing your body with your core. Then return to your original position.

The Ball is Marching On

While this exercise may appear simple, believe us when we say it's a good one! It's also possible to do it while sitting, which is a benefit.

To begin, sit on the stability ball. Begin marching your feet in time with the exercise. The simple act of marching your feet adds an element of instability, forcing your core to work extra hard to keep you balanced.

Glute Bridge with One Leg

Bridges are another workout that works the glutes. These are also another popular workout that may be done both with and without a stabiliser! The addition of a stability ball to this workout kicks it up a level.

Begin by lying on your back with one foot on the ball. Perform a glute bridge by lifting the opposing foot into the air.

Twists from Russia

Give it a Russian spin! Begin by reclining on the ball to conduct this core-blasting workout. Twist side to side with your hands clasped together, maintaining your core rigid the entire time.


Nothing works better than a good old-fashioned sit-up! Sit-ups are one of the most popular and efficient toning exercises for blasting abdominal fat.

Begin by laying on your back, preferably on a yoga mat. Place both feet on the ball in a comfortable position. Perform a sit-up by engaging your core. If this is too difficult, you can substitute a crunch. You won't have to elevate your torso as high this way.

Sit against the wall

In terms of format, this exercise is similar to a wall squat, but instead of moving up and down, you'll descend into a sitting position and hold it.

Begin by placing the ball against the wall, near your hips. Hold this position for 20 to 40 seconds after bending your knees to a 90-degree angle.

Dumbbells for Chest Press

Want to get more bang for your buck when it comes to the gym? Most of the chest press is done on a stability ball instead of a bench! When you use a stability ball, you're driving your body to work harder on its core because it needs to offer stability in order to complete the workout. This means you'll be able to burn more calories in less time!


Roll out onto the ball so that only your feet are touching it and your hands are flat on the ground. Lift your buttocks into the air while engaging your core, then slowly lower them back down.

Leg Raise Exercises

Leg lifts are a great method to energise your core and legs! Squeeze the stability ball between your ankles while resting on your back. Lift the ball to the ceiling while keeping your legs straight, then lower it back down.

Pressing Your Shoulders

Want to tone your arms and engage your core at the same time? Sit on the stability ball with a pair of dumbbells. To work both the shoulders and the core at the same time, brace the core and perform a shoulder press.

Dips of the Triceps

Tricep dips are a difficult workout that even the fittest people find difficult! They are, nevertheless, extremely effective and one of the few workouts that can help target the triceps in the rear of the arms.

Place the stability ball in the corner where two walls meet to perform a tricep dip. Make that it is safe and secure. Then, in a tricep dips posture, place both hands on the front of the stability ball. Slowly lower the body to the ground, then squeeze the triceps on the way back up.

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