Senior Independence Can Be Attained Through Simple Changes

Date: July 17, 2021

One of the current issues that everyone is facing is whether or not to age at home. The elderly are increasingly choosing to live independently in the places they have chosen to dwell. The causes for this are numerous. Some people crave the satisfaction of running their own business, while others are concerned that they would lose their extroverted personalities. Both options place their children in a tough situation.

When we're not with our parents, how can we be sure they're safe?

Technology has helped to simplify the situation, but the question of how to best assist parents in remaining independent is difficult to answer. You can start to build a feeling of routine and start trusting more in the independence you both want using some of these ideas.

Make use of alert systems

One of the easiest methods to retain control without being intrusive is to use a medical alert system. This is the next best option if you want to ensure your loved one is secure but they won't allow you instal a thorough video system.

Medical alert systems, which use GPS tracking and, in some cases, built-in fall detection, are simple to use and provide peace of mind for both parents and children. Here are some crucial qualities to look for if you're considering about buying:

Customer service is outstanding.

Wearables are a part of the system's range.

Having the ability to use a mobile phone line


Every aspect of care requires simplicity. Simple devices that are straightforward to use and don't require a lot of troubleshooting are required. Never assume that a smartphone is all that is required to keep a loved one secure.

Transportation Arrangements

Transportation for the elderly can be arranged in a variety of ways, including Uber. The disadvantage of Uber, or any other taxi service, is that the driver is unlikely to be able to assist physically. The better option is to have medical automobiles or help who can drive.

Aids isn't particularly costly, and there may be medical programmes supported by your loved one's insurance (or the state's) that provide some financial assistance. Medical automobiles aren't prohibitively expensive, but your loved one must be self-sufficient in order to obtain the best rates.

Medication Administration

Simple home apps like Alexa or Google Home might provide your loved one's life some structure. They can speak to the device out loud, and they can play music or learn new things, as well as receive reminders.

Smart home devices' spoken reminders are simple to set up and use calendars that you have access to. Anything from doctor's appointments to medication or specific instructions might be reminded to loved ones. You can receive a reminder and check in with them on your mobile device to ensure that they have completed their medical needs.

Last Thoughts

Caring for someone is a huge responsibility, especially if they want to maintain their independence. You can stay in touch and find some structure in both of your life with the correct technology in your home. Keep the tools easy enough for people to use, and establish reminders for yourself to follow up. It is possible to achieve independence without keeping you awake at night.

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