How to Keep Your Car Running When You're Hibernating

Date: July 17, 2021

It could have been weeks since you drove your automobile if you've been working from home and properly adhering to quarantine restrictions. Nobody knows how long it will take to get back to normal, or even what that will include. But one thing is certain: your car will require attention while you seek sanctuary.

So, just because you aren't driving to and from work or transporting your children to their activities doesn't mean you should ignore one of your most important expenditures. We'll tell you what you need to do to keep your automobile running smoothly.

First and foremost, you must get out and drive. Consumer Reports recommends driving your automobile for 20 minutes or more at least once a week. This will keep the battery in good working order, prevent rust from forming on the brakes and callipers, and keep the gas, oil, and other fluids flowing.

When it comes to gas, if it sits for too long — usually 30 days or more — it might go bad. Gummy deposits can form at this point, and the ethanol in the blend begins to pull water from the environment into your tank. Fuel stabilisers can help, but they're meant to be poured into your tank before you leave your car for an extended amount of time. So, presuming you didn't add a fuel stabiliser months ago, you'll have to drive your car to burn up part of the gas. Then fill up your tank with new petrol, which is now at record low costs. Also, make sure you wash your hands afterward.

Check the oil in your car while it's parked and cool to see if it's low or unclean. To ascertain the correct oil level, use your owner's manual to find the dipstick and identify the markings. It's alright to put off oil changes for a while, but you can still have them done safely in most states because they're considered an important service. Some facilities will even let you stay in your car while getting your oil changed; contact ahead to see if this is an option.

You should inspect your tyres on a regular basis anyhow, and especially if you don't drive your car often (if at all). This is because sitting too long can cause the tyres to lose pressure or develop flat patches. If you need new tyres, look for a store that follows social distancing protocols or, better yet, a tyre installer who will come to you.

In most states, mechanics are considered essential services, so you can have your automobile repaired if you have significant engine problems. Just remember to clean out the interior surfaces of your automobile once you've picked it up. Consumer Reports released instructions on how to do it in order to keep your vehicle safe. AAA is still offering roadside help in the event of an emergency, according to Consumer Reports, and has created social distancing protocols for such circumstances.

It's probably alright if you've neglected your automobile in the midst of all this chaos – it takes more than a few weeks or even a few months of casual negligence to badly harm an otherwise well-maintained vehicle. However, paying attention now will help you regain your mobility after the quarantine period is over.

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