How to Get a Discount on a Mobility Scooter That Seems Too Good to Be True

Date: July 17, 2021

For anyone suffering from mobility issues that hinder them from living life to the fullest, mobility scooters offer a way to reclaim their independence. What's more, today's mobility scooters come with a slew of new features and technologies that make riding a scooter easier than ever.

Battery Life Indicators on a Mobility Scooter

The majority of today's new scooters will now have a battery level indication on a long-lasting and extremely precise LCD display. Scooters from the past were frequently equipped with extremely simplistic light indicators that only went red when it was time to charge. If you weren't near a plug-in and didn't have hours to spare, you might find yourself trapped. The majority of today's new models, on the other hand, have highly visible screens that precisely reflect the percentage of battery life left as well as an exact distance left estimation based on your typical use.

Features of Security

Nobody wants their scooter to be stolen. Manufacturers have recognised this necessity and have fitted simple anti-theft mechanisms that function similarly to how they would on a new car. Many versions now come with keyed ignitions and alarms as standard equipment.

Lights for Safety

Just because the sun sets doesn't imply your scooter becomes inoperable or dangerous. The majority of versions now include energy-efficient LED lighting that allows the user to see properly while remaining visible. The best aspect is that LED lamps use so little energy that they have little impact on battery life.

Storage Alternatives

Batteries are now significantly smaller and more powerful thanks to modern lithium-ion battery technology. Many scooters now have more safe storage choices thanks to this innovation. Personal belongings can be kept safe from theft and the elements in convenient enclosed rooms.

What exactly is the crusade against scooters?

In short, every scooter manufacturer wants to sell more than the next, so they've established massive discounts, more financing choices, and special events deliberately planned throughout the year in order to compete for the biggest bottom line and the most sales. If you're in the market for a new scooter, this is fantastic news. You should also contact your insurance company once you've selected a scooter that fits your lifestyle. Because a new mobility scooter is considered a medical item, insurance will often cover some or all of the cost. Some scooters may be covered by Medicare, but only to a certain extent. You could also wish to speak with your doctor about getting a prescription that can be used for reimbursement or reduced prices.

Which scooter manufacturers are slashing their prices significantly?

Most scooter firms are offering amazing deals as a result of recent developments and low sales. Take the time to discover the ideal scooter for your requirements and lifestyle. The biggest reasons to consider purchasing a mobility scooter are regaining your independence and reducing your pain.

Where do I look for these bargains?

A basic (but thorough!) online search is the greatest approach to find what you're looking for.

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