Gout: How to Get a Better Handle on It

Date: July 17, 2021

It can feel like you've been given a life sentence once you've been diagnosed with gout. But, in reality, it's a rather tolerable condition. is one of the world's oldest diseases, with origins dating back to 2600 BC. We've made a lot of progress in controlling this disease over the years, and many who have it can still live regular lives.

Do you want to learn how to manage your gout more effectively? Continue reading to learn the 9 finest tips for doing precisely that!

Find out how much uric acid you have in your system.

Finding out your uric acid level is the first step in treating your gout. A urine or blood test will be performed at your doctor's office.

If you have, your doctor may prescribe medication to help you lower it. They may also refer you to a rheumatologist who can advise you on additional uric acid-lowering options.

Get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

Because gout is a lifetime ailment, it's critical to have oneself checked every few months. This will allow you to determine your uric acid level and whether your therapies are effective.

If your levels haven't improved, you might need to make more or alternative changes. Your doctor or rheumatologist can assist you in developing a strategy.

It's Crucial to Prevent

It is preferable to prevent than than cure. In your instance, you need to know what your uric acid levels are because high uric acid levels raise your risk of a. This is why it's critical to keep uric acid levels low.

You've experienced a gout flare and don't want it to happen again. However, if nothing is done to stop it, it will only get worse.

Alter Your Eating Habits

Now that you know your uric acid level, it's time to consider some lifestyle changes. You're undoubtedly on medication to control your gout, but making lifestyle changes can also help.

Changing your diet is the most important lifestyle change you can make. Because uric acid buildup in the blood causes gout, this is the case. Purines are found in all of our diets, and uric acid is the breakdown of purines. Purines are found in a variety of foods, some of which have a high purine content while others have a low purine content.

Gouty Foods to Stay Away From

If you have gout, you should eat foods that are low in purines and avoid those that are high in purines. Meat, shellfish, sugary meals, and alcohol are the worst offenders.

Consider the last time you experienced a gout attack. Your uric acid level was probably raised the day before because you ate one of these foods.

Exercise on a regular basis

You must also exercise in addition to your diet. Exercise is not only a part of a healthy lifestyle, but it may also assist you in losing weight that is putting strain on your joints.

Did you know that if you're overweight or obese, your blood contains too much uric acid? Fortunately, decreasing weight can eliminate this problem.

Gout Relief Exercises

You don't have to start with the hardest exercises straight immediately. Simple is better when it comes to gout. The idea is to get you up and moving so you can sweat. A excellent place to start is with cardiovascular activities. You may also take a look at.

Resistance exercises and strength training are also beneficial for gout. However, because these are considered high-intensity activities, see your doctor first.

Increase Your Water Consumption

If you drink soft drinks, fruit juices, or other sugary beverages, now is the time to give them up and switch to water. As previously said, sweet drinks raise uric acid levels in the blood, putting you at risk for a gout attack.

Instead, the majority of your liquid consumption should be water. Water is readily available and beneficial not only to your gout but also to your overall health.

Is Urination Too Often a Problem?

Are you concerned about having to go to the bathroom frequently after drinking a lot of water? You really shouldn't be!

That is, in fact, a good indicator that you are excreting uric acid through your urine. Six to eight glasses of water every day is recommended, but if you can drink more, that's even better!

Obtain the Correct Medication

If you have gout, you'll need to take a variety of medications. However, the type of medication you take will be determined by your circumstances.

There is medicine available to help with the pain of a gout attack. Gout medicine is also available to help prevent gout attacks. The latter is meant to be taken on a long-term basis to keep your symptoms under control.

Your doctor may initially prescribe it for a limited time to examine how it affects you. However, they will finally advise you to use the proper prescription for the long term. It's critical that you follow your doctor's instructions.

The Importance of Taking Prescription Drugs

Many gout sufferers make the mistake of stopping taking their medicine once they are no longer experiencing symptoms. They believe that simply changing their diet and exercising will help them cope. However, changing one's lifestyle alone isn't enough.

Gout is a cunning disease. Just because you aren't feeling something doesn't mean it isn't there. It's possible to be fine one day and then have terrible symptoms the next. Do you really want it to happen?

So, heed your doctor's advise and take your medicine on a regular basis. When you miss dosages, your uric acid levels fluctuate, which is a formula for disaster and can lead to a gout flare-up.

Keep an eye on your other health problems.

If you have gout, you're likely to have other health issues as well, such as, and metabolic syndrome. It's also critical that you obtain correct treatment for these.

The good news is that the majority of the lifestyle suggestions made above are also useful for these illnesses. So, if you're having trouble dealing with one illness on its own, start small with your food and activity and work your way up from there.

Follow Your Doctor's Suggestions

It can be difficult to make changes to your lifestyle at first. However, realise that even if you have gout, you can live a quite healthy (and normal) life.

You must simply follow your doctor's instructions. Staying persistent with your treatment is another crucial aspect in treating your gout.

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