Family Fitness: Healthy Ways to Encourage It

Date: July 17, 2021

We frequently think of exercise as a solitary activity or something we do at the gym with others. Spending time with family, on the other hand, is a terrific motivator to get in shape, and you can all enjoy each other's company while working toward your fitness objectives.

You don't need to join an expensive family gym or even leave your house to get some exercise. The goal is to stay moving and have fun, which will help you burn calories and enhance your friendships. Here are six strategies to get the kids involved in exercise...

1. Make a dance floor inside. recommends rearranging the furnishings in the living room and turning up the volume on some high-energy dance music. Allowing the kids to use a flashlight as a "strobe light" is mentioned in the article, presumably to simulate a dance club ambiance.

You can listen to music that your children understand so that they can sign along as they dance. There are no outsiders to judge your moves, so you may go freestyle or take a pause and laugh at your kids' attempts to keep up.


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2. Vacations Should Be Planned Around Activities

According to, the next time you're looking at a map for a fun spot to take the kids, forget the amusement parks and instead look for places that encourage outdoor activity. You could, for example, plan a trip to a location with ski slopes.

Even if you've never tried the pastime before, learning it along with your family could be fun, according to the website. According to the insider, this might set the tone for a "long-term healthy lifestyle." It also suggests thinking about additional places where you may go for a trek or play in the water.

3. Create Your Own Workout Video

Why not leverage the fact that your children enjoy watching television and being the focus of their own social media feeds to push them to be more active? One way to do so, according to, is to get a video recorder (a smartphone should suffice) and let your children construct a workout programme.

Allow them to be foolish; the important thing is that they are active and getting their heart pounding. You can edit in peppy music (or play some while you're recording the video) if you have video editing skills. Your kids will want to watch it to see how well they did, and it may encourage them to keep going. Make a series out of it!

4. Make chores enjoyable

According to, you can help your children get exercise while also cleaning your house (win-win!). The key is to persuade your children to desire to do monotonous duties in the first place. The key is to have fun with them.

When you have more than one child, the source suggests turning chores into a game, and even doing a play-by-play announcer voice of their progress, whether it's cleaning dishes or putting away toys. Although the site advises against awarding rewards, you may volunteer to clean up next time in place of the winner.

5. Set up a 'Exercise Hunt.' provides a novel idea (dubbed "Hide and Sweat") for getting the whole family exercising. The website proposes jotting down 20 exercise tasks on 20 pieces of paper and placing each one in a plastic egg (for example, doing 10 push-ups).

The eggs can then be hidden as if it were Easter eggs, and the youngsters can hunt for them. When they find one, your entire family participates in the activity. Adding a time constraint to locating the eggs and completing the activities can make the task more difficult.

6. Simply visit a park

There are few simpler pleasures than kicking the ball around, playing catch, or chasing your kids around in a large open green space (or have them chase you). You'll get some fresh air and know that your children are safe in your presence.

Instead of driving to the park, you can stroll down a cool side trail or find another way to get there (bicycling with your family is also a fantastic choice). Just make sure you're wearing your helmets). Simply being outside will teach your children to respect nature, and you won't have to worry about furniture getting knocked over.

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