Everything You Need To Know About Hot Tub Maintenance

Date: July 17, 2021

There's nothing like unwinding in your own backyard (or indoor!) hot tub after a long day. However, tremendous enjoyment comes with great responsibility—hot tubs often necessitate a lot of maintenance. But don't be concerned. These maintenance techniques make it simple to keep your hot tub in top shape.

Use the advice below to get the most out of your hot tub for years to come.

Each and every day...

Check your hot tub's cover for a few of items. First, check sure there isn't any water on top of it. This could lead to the formation of mould and damage to the hot tub over time. Second, double-check that the cover is properly safeguarding your hot tub. It should be snug and not allow any of the water to come into contact with the outside air.

Check the temperature of the water. Check to see whether the temperature has changed much, since this could indicate a problem with the hot tub. It should be just right in terms of temperature, not too hot, not too chilly.

Remove any debris that has landed in your hot tub. Perhaps there was a huge storm, or perhaps surrounding trees have left an undesirable covering of fallen leaves on your hot tub—whatever the situation may be, make sure the surface is clear and clean.

Once a week, at the very least...

Check your sanitizer levels! This will ensure that the water in your hot tub is clean and ready to use at any time.

Check the pH of the water. This is a critical point. Your hot tub is safe to use once the chemicals in the water are balanced. To get the job done correctly, swiftly, and effectively, stock up on pH-level test strips.

Clean the filter in the spa. You don't have to perform this one every week, but it's a good idea to remember it. Clean your spa filter every three weeks or so to maintain your hot tub functioning properly.

Once a month, to be exact...

Maintain the polish. To keep your hot tub looking new, perform a few surface-level maintenance inspections once a month. To extend the life of your hot tub's cover, start by conditioning it. Clean the cabinet while you're at it to keep things tidy.

Finally, drain and refill every few months. Completely drain your hot tub and scrub it from the inside out every few months. A thorough deep cleaning will keep your hot tub in great condition and allow you to enjoy it for many years to come. Refill your hot tub with fresh water when you're finished cleaning and repeat the process as needed.

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