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Now more than ever companies are eager to hire energetic skilled social media marketers. Salaries in the six figure range are now being offered! Getting your Social Media Marketing degree is your gateway to a ton of career opportunities. If you’re serious about social media but not sure how to make it more than a hobby, there are some simple steps you can take to build out your new career path.
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A Digital Marketing Degree serves as the perfect bridge to a wide variety of careers in different sub sectors of the social media industry. If you have a strong passion for social media but aren’t quite sure how to take the proper steps to elevate your hobby to a thriving career, here we’ll cover some things to keep in mind as you embark on this journey!Here are some key points you’ll want to know to start building your digital marketing career!

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

As our world, society, and global markets continue to accelerate their move into the digital realm, endless opportunities for careers in digital marketing emerge each day. Here are some of the best careers in the field to keep in mind.

Content Manager

Content managers play a crucial role in any serious digital marketing team. Content managers’ duties stretch far beyond mere social media content creation. They need to have a pulse on what content works where, know the inner workings of SEO optimization, and how to craft, organize, and distribute content too. These leaders often lead teams of other creators who each specialize in video content, writing, digital strategy, and analytics.

SEO Specialists

Search engine optimization is one of the most pivotal roles in the industry today. It’s essential for maximizing web traffic and those who demonstrate a higher proficiency in SEO knowledge and digital marketing talent will flourish as SEO specialists and be a key asset to any company or team.

Virtual Reality Developers

One of the most technically complex, but also extremely exciting and engaging, working in virtual reality has one of the largest upsides in the content creation industry. It’s also an ideal setting for creatives to run wild with their ideas. If you have a higher-level technical ability, a digital marketing degree online can enable you to venture into the VR creation world.

Digital Project Manager

If you like juggling multiple responsibilities, a career as a digital project manager might be right for you. Mid-level marketers that are interested in digital marketing are prime candidates as digital project managers. Their responsibilities include managing business-client relationships, managing creative projects, and other digital processes.

User Experience Designers

If you build a stellar career as a digital marketer, a career as a professional user experience designer is a great potential next step. These designers oversee companies’ creation of their customer’s digital user experience, most often for digital services products. This position also ensures customers keep coming back to use their apps over long sustained periods of time.

Email Marketing Specialist

Even though email is a relatively older digital technology, its relevance remains one of digital marketing’s strongest and most relevant assets. Email marketing specialists are responsible for reaching millions with email newsletters, marketing campaigns, PR activities, and product launches. These specialists should have strong copywriting, editing, and digital marketing skills.

Where to Learn Digital Marketing

There are a wide variety of top universities that offer degrees in digital marketing whether for a bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate program. These are some of the best programs to get a good marketing degree online from:

The University of Alabama at Birmingham –digital marketing courses include web analytics, social media marketing, and virtual communities in business, which can be taken online.

Arizona State University – ASU offers courses in digital marketing or content and social media marketing.

Azusa Pacific University – digital marketing courses offered by APU include marketing and eCommerce, digital marketing, global viral marketing, and analyzing and optimizing digital media.

California State University –CSU offers numerous courses in social media marketing, internet marketing, and marketing metrics and insights.

Other universities that offer courses in digital marketing include the University of Connecticut, Sacred Heart University, Georgetown University, and Santa Clara University, among others.

Expected Salaries for Digital Marketers

Careers in digital marketing and social media business advertisements can offer highly rewarding salaries. Here we’ll go over some figures.

– Content managers and strategists can earn upwards of $80k USD per year.

– Virtual reality developers often earn a minimum of $65k USD per year.

– However, many jobs like this pay between $80k and $100k USD, depending on the specific industry and company.

– SEO specialists often earn a minimum of 62k USD annually. However, experienced candidates can make upwards of $100k USD.

– Digital project managers and directors can also earn around $100k USD.

– User experience designers can make a minimum of $50k USD depending on their level of experience.

– Email marketing specialists and managers can make up to $50k USD depending on their experience as well.
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The Bottom Line

Digital Marketing skills are continuing to rank among the most valuable skills of emerging professionals today and there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon. If you feel like one of these careers speaks to you, don’t waste any time! Take advantage of the countless ways to learn and grow your knowledge of digital marketing. A wide variety of learning options exist both online and in-person.

There really is no excuse. You can take steps today by learning WordPress, SEO Optimization, content development, and much more from your home today!
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