A Breakthrough in Technology Has Finally Reduced the Cost of Dental Implants!

Dental implants are a very cost effective, painless method towards establishing a beautiful confident smile!  Recent technological breakthroughs have made implants more affordable than ever before.  This article will provide you with relevant up to date information and help connect you with a specialist near you.
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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Crowns are used to facilitate the substitution of a real tooth using a replicant which appears and functions just like the original tooth.  Implants are constructed of ceramic materials which connect to small titanium rods driven into the same place or "socket" as your original tooth.  The rods are first bonded to the jaw bone and once set, a crown is then placed on top using a perfectly matched ceramic tooth.  Once installed, the new permanent tooth will operate maintenance free for many years to come.

Why Are Dental Implants The Best Option?

For millennia, people have attempted to repair or replace lost teeth.
After many years of trial and error and a multitude of failed inventions, it isnt surprising that an eventual fear towards dentists developed.  Fortunately those days are gone and now modern dental implants have become a painless simple alternative.
People with missing teeth can now achieve a perfect smile at an affordable price without any pain or maintenance.
If you're still not convinced, keep in mind that over 500,000 surgeries are performed every year with  patient satisfactions at the 95 percent mark. [1]

The first dental implants were introduced in the mid 1960s.  Dentures and bridges were quickly adopted as the favoured method of repairing deformed, missing, or discoloured teeth. Millions of women and men of all ages have had success with dental implants since then. Modern days implants facilitate convenient eating, sleeping and the ability to converse without any of the historical maintence headaches.  Aside from these obvious benefits, the look of modern implants is considerably better and a far better match of a patient's original real teeth.  Current techniques are far less unpleasant and produce superior results than previous approaches.  The days of fearing your dentist are long gone. 

The Modern Look

There is no better alternative than dental implants if you have lost teeth and want your replacements to feel and look natural.  Using modern matching technology it's almost impossible to distinguish between a replacement tooth and its original predecessor.

Another significant benefit of dental implants is the prevention of bone loss.

When a tooth is lost, the soft jaw tissues expands to fill the created gap space, potentially weakening the bone. Dental implants help to avoid fractures by stabilizing the jaw bone.Dental implants are far superior to dentures in terms of comfort and personalization. There's no need to remove, wash or apply gum creams at night.

What Are Dental Implants and How Much Do They Cost?

Dental implants do require some specialized consults to get started but they remain extremely cost effective when compared to other technologies.

How much will they set you back?

According to Beauty Setter [2,] a single new tooth can cost anywhere from $1,500 to nearly $7,000.

Fortunately, in recent years, material costs have seen drastic decreases.  Dentist Mark McOmie noted in Dental Economics [3] that the cost of a single implant had reduced by between $150 - $600 in the last few years. Despite this, its still a good idea to shop around for doctors and tooth replacement choices.  Potentially money can be saved by having your treatment performed under supervision using a dental school student. There's also the possibility of getting further reductions through insurance.

Dental implants may be a good option for you.  After all is said and done, dental implants are the best option to replace a lost tooth and help maintain the confidence you need that accompanies a beautiful smile.

Implants are not the least expensive alternative but they far out perform the competition in terms of comfort, feel, durability, and, most importantly look.

Great deals are always available in your area but may require a bit of research to locate.
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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants? Are Dental Implants and How Much Do They Cost?
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