4 Bank Accounts That Give You Money Just for Registering!

Did you know that banks are always looking for new customers and provide generous incentives to attract them? Other services such as credit cards, vehicle loans, and savings accounts may be offered to you by the bank if you open a checking account, and you can now earn up to $300 just by opening a bank account with a small minimum balance.
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Nowadays, internet banks compete with traditional banks in order to pass on savings to you! Many banks are providing prizes of up to $300 just for establishing an account. It's never been a better opportunity to take advantage of these deals.

Banks Offer Sign-Up Bonuses for a Reason

Banks are having a hard time keeping customers coming in the door. Because of the increasing competition among banks and financial institutions, a more practical method of promotion was developed. Banks and credit unions are rewarding new clients with cash prizes when they create a checking or savings account with them. For example, if a depositor deposits $100 into a new checking account, they will be rewarded with an additional $100 incentive.

Terms and Conditions for Sign-Up Bonuses

It might be challenging to sort through the most incredible deals, so there are a few guidelines you should follow before jumping into one.
* Read the bank's terms and conditions.
* Be aware of account fees as well as monthly maintenance expenses.

You must meet specific requirements in order to be eligible for a sign-up bonus. To begin, you must deposit a sum of money into your account, which can range from $100 to $10,000. Some banks require you to keep your account balance constant for a specific length of time. Second, some banks may impose restrictions on direct deposit. Finally, in order to receive your bonus, you may be required to make a certain number of debit card transactions.

Here is a list of five banks in the United States that give bonuses for signing up/creating an account.

1) HSBC Bank: Bonus of $200 or $450
Online, HSBC offers a couple of checking account perks. They will give you a $200 bonus if you open an HSBC Advance checking account online. The requirement is that you receive recurring monthly direct transfers of $500 for three months in a row. Customers can also get a $450 bonus if they open an HSBC Premier checking account online and receive $5,000 in monthly direct deposits for three months in a row. For new Premier checking account holders, you can get a 3% cashback up to $600.
2) Citibank: Cash Bonus of $700
Earn $700 when you open a new Citi Priority Account Package checking and savings account with Citibank. To qualify for the incentive, you must deposit $50,000 or more in new Citibank funds between your checking and savings accounts within 30 days of creating your account. Maintain your balance for the next 60 days, and you'll receive your bonus in the next 90 days.
3) Chase Premier Plus Checking: Receive a $300 bonus when you open an account.
Use a coupon emailed to you through the promotional page to open a Chase Premier Plus Checking account. Within 90 days of starting the account, you must have received a qualified direct deposit. The report must be kept open for a period of six months. After your direct deposit, the bonus will be deposited in your account in 10 business days.
4) SunTrust Essential Checking: Get a $200 incentive when you sign up.
You can earn $200 for opening an Essential Checking account with SunTrust on the condition of receiving at least $500 in monthly direct deposits into the budget for two consecutive statement cycles. When signing up, you must use the code Q320ESSENTIAL. To be eligible, you must not have previously closed a SunTrust personal checking account. After your qualification has been validated, you will receive the incentive within four weeks.

How is it that this is possible?

When you deposit money into a bank account, it is combined with the deposits of many other people to generate an investment. Because online bank accounts are becoming more competitive, banks are more likely to share a more significant portion of their profits with you. Furthermore, because the expenses of running a website are far lower than the costs of having physical facilities, banks are more ready to provide higher incentives.
However, don't assume that these deals are just available to large banks; they are also available to much smaller banks. As a result, you should constantly inquire to see whether a bank has a particular offer that might suit your spending patterns and requirements.
Don't put it off any longer; get your bonus now!
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Select a bank account that best meets your requirements. Prefer good banking with lots of benefits. Look for any cashback, giveaways, or perks that you could be eligible for. Be wise in general. Read the terms and conditions as well as the closure penalties carefully.
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